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Jason Haslam's passion for the outdoors and fishing began during his years as a Boy Scout. His favorite outings involved camping and fishing in the Unita and Boulder Mountains. He used the "fly and bubble technique" which works wonders in these high mountain lakes. These trips sparked his interest in learning how to fly fish "for real". He taught himself the art of fly fishing as a result. Jason also enjoys teaching fly tying classes and working on his website (


David Serdar was our past president for 4 years. He has taken an active role in conservation and presented the Society's opinion on several issues. In fact he will talk fishing and conservation with anyone that will listen. Dave is a self proclaimed fly fishing a-holic. He started fly fishing at the age of 10. He says that he enjoys casting as much as any other part of fly fishing. He also enjoys all the grief his buddies give him when he gets hung up in a tree or falls in the river. In all seriousness, his goal in life is to enjoy fishing with his son and daughter as soon as they grow up a little. To this day, the memories of him fishing with his father are stronger than any other. He hopes to share these same activities with his kids.


Colby Crossland

Alan Tomich


Paul Stay


Fred Reimherr continues to diligently serve as the Secretary of the club. He joined the Society the first year it was founded, back in 1978. Fred is a psychology professor at the University of Utah. He loves the outdoors and the environment. Fred rides his custom built 26 speed bike everywhere he goes, rain, shine, or snow.


Jason Haslam

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