Hatch Charts

The Magnificent Dozen

The following twelve charts are for some of the best rivers in the Western US. Each chart is specific to an individual river. The exact hatch times will be determined by temperature, weather, and time of day. However, we have provided a point of reference as follows:

A.M. is defined as approximately Sunrise to Noon

P.M. is defined as approximately Noon to Sunset

Eve. is defined as Evening

SP is defined as Sporadic throughout the day

The fly patterns and colors are representative of the bugs you will encounter. Having a good selection of patterns will greatly improve your chances. And if you can’t resist the temptation to stop in at the local fly shop and get a feel for what is working best that day we’ll never tell.

Good luck and Fish On!

Beaverhead River

Big Hole River

Frying Pan River

Gallatin River

Green River

Madison River

Missouri River

Provo River

San Juan River

Snake River

Weber River

Yellowstone River

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