Five Good Reasons To Join The Stonefly Society

There are many reasons to join The Stonefly Society of the Wasatch here are five just to name a few.

Conservation: The Society promotes catch and release fishing which results in better fishing experiences for many species of fish in waters worldwide, including trout, bass, snook, redfish even bluegill!

Education: The Society has programs to teach kids (and adults) to cast, to tie flies and how to appreciate aquatic ecosystems.

Skill building: The Society hosts skilled and knowledgable presenters at our many demonstrations, dinners, and workshops.

Local focus: The Society focuses its energy at the grass roots level, this is where real conservation and education takes place. This means more opportunities to participate in conservation, education, and activities. This also means money raised here stays here.

Ecosystem based: The Society believes that learning to imitate the forms and behaviors of insects and other aquatic organisms leads to a better appreciation of water resources (and their survival)... fly fishing turns ordinary anglers into conservationists!

Membership has many benefts including: fellowship, actitivies, education, knowledge, a sense of pride, fun, and of course fishing. In order to become a member of the Stonefly Society of the Wasatch you must become a member of Trout Unlimited. You will then automatically be assigned to the Stonefly Society based on your address. Go to to sign up for a Trout Unlimited membership and become a member of the Stonefly Society.


If you are an avid angler or a conservation minded person we want you. Please contact any Board Member for more information about joining the Society. Also, please feel free to join us at any of our meetings as our guest.

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